All of our products that require drivers to run are listed below. If you cannot find your product here, it probably means the product you purchased is Plug & Play, and does not require a driver. If you run into problems while using our products, please contact us with more support.

Products Version Operating System URL Notes
W13 PIXART3325 CHIPSET Download
K808(K20) driver Download MKESPN-K808..rar
K640(Telink) Download K640 (Telink).zip
X15(Instant A826) Download X15 (Instant A826).zip
X13(Instant 3327) Download X13 (Instant 3327).zip
X12(Instant A826) Download X12 (Instant A826).zip
X11(PixArt 3327) Download X11 (PixArt 3327).zip
X11(Instant A804) Download X11 (Instant A804).zip
X10(Sunplus 6662) Download X10 (Sunplus 6662).zip
X10(Instant A804) Download X10 (Instant A804).zip
X10(Instant A725) Download X10 (Instant A725).zip
X9(Instant A826) Download X9 (Instant A826).zip
W19(PixArt 3325) Download W19 (PixArt 3325).zip
W13(PixArt 3325) Download W13 (PixArt 3325).zip
W12(PixArt 3325) Download W12 (PixArt 3325).zip
W10(PixArt 3212) Download W10 (PixArt 3212).zip
PixArt 3335(W13,W17) Download PixArt 3335 (W13,W17,etc.).zip
K8(Instant A804) Download K8 (Instant A804).zip


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